About Us


Peksan; has been producing projects that respect nature, cities, and people in line with the values that we have meticulously protected since our establishment. We believe that the path to qualified and sustainable growth is primarily through the value given to people and investments made in the field of technology.

We continue our activities in the agriculture, food, energy, and construction sectors at home and abroad, and we are expanding our export network.

While trying to have a leading role by breaking new ground in the fields in which it operates, we develop long-term strong relationships with our existing customers and business partners. We aim to increase our competitive power by focusing on quality and trust.


Our Vision

To maintain and develop our position as the pioneer of technology in the sectors we are in, establishing reliable and long-term cooperation with all its stakeholders, and making a high contribution to the Turkish economy.

Our Mission

To be a group that the young generation, who works hard, is committed to its essence and values, and pioneers in technology, will be proud to work with; effective in local and international markets, contributing to the development of the country’s economy.


Our Values That Make Us Who We Are

The following values lie under the management approach of the companies under the umbrella of Peksan. These values also reflect Peksan culture.

Our Focus is Human

Even if we have the highest technology and all the necessary resources, “human” is always our priority. Satisfaction and happiness of our employees and all of our stakeholders with whom we do business takes precedence over everything else.

We are Sensitive

We try to benefit. We are sensitive to our employees, our stakeholders and our country that created us. With the awareness of our responsibilities, we are always ready to do more than our part at every point that needs to be developed and contributed.

You Have to Grow to Grow

To develop and grow, we use all the resources we have for the development of our employees and stakeholders. We know that; You Have to Grow to Grow!

We are Open to Change, Innovation and Development

While developing new products, adopting different views, and entering different sectors, we quickly make decisions and adapt.

Our Values That Make Us Who We Are

From Past to Present PEKSAN

From Past to Present PEKSAN


Our journey as Peksan started in 1988.


Regional Distributorship

By limiting our food activities to the regional distributorships of ETİ and Nestle companies under the name of Peksan Gıda LTD in 1996, we shared the success of these companies in the region.



IBEM Construction Company was established and the first project was signed in 2012 in order to invest in the rapidly developing construction sector in our group, which operates in different sectors.


Logistics Warehouse

In 2013, we undertook the task of being the logistics warehouse of the ETİ Southeast Dicle division, and we still continue our logistics activities alongside our distributorship activities. We carry out all these activities with 55 employees, 45 vehicles and 1.013 m2 cold storage, a total of 5,000 m2 closed storage area.



Geothermal greenhouse activities were started in a 10-decare indoor area in 2018.


Geothermal Energy

Torbalı Termal Anonim Şirketi, one of our group companies, won the geothermal water usage right tender held by MTA for 49 years and obtained geothermal water usage right on an area of 39,000 decares in Izmir-Torbalı region.



Our exports started at the end of 2020. In June 2022, Uzbekistan Tashkent and Namangan warehouses, distribution team and sub-dealer distribution network were established and on-site distribution started. With the SmartUp sales program, route plans, product and customer categories were created and carried out by professional teams.


Our Company Culture

We are Harmonious and Determined in the Team

Harmony among all employees is an important element for our success. We are strong because we all pursue one goal: to be the best! Everyone in our family should feel in safe hands!

We are Future Focused & Responsible

We believe that more education is the right way to empower employees and thus give each individual the opportunity to take responsibility and prove themselves.

Our Backbone is Reliability and Quality

We always create the opportunity for our customers and partners to fulfill the tasks assigned to us in a spirit of partnership, in a reliable and high quality manner.