Iron Chelate EDDHA

Water Soluble Iron (Fe) 6
Iron (Fe) Chelated with EDDHA 6
Chelated Iron (Fe) with Ortho-Ortho EDDHA 1,2
PH Range in which EDDHA Chelate is Stable 7-9
Method of Application: (Soil application is done in all stages of vegetative development)
Saplings 10-20 g/Per Tree
Yielding Trees 150-200 g/Per Tree
New Trees 20-50 g/Per Tree
Citrus (Big Trees) 200-300 g/Per Tree
Vineyards 10-20 g/Per Omca
Ornamental Plants (Roses, Ornamental Shrubs etc.) 20-50 g /Per Plant
Annual / Perennial Flowers (Chrysanthemum, Rose etc.) 60-100 g/Decares
Strawberry, Raspberry 50-100 g/100 m. in line
Vegetables (Tomato, Eggplant etc.) 250-300 g/Decares
Farm Plants 250-300 g/Decares

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