21% AMMONIUM SULPHATE – 20.5% GRANULAR AMMONIUM SULPHATE Ammonium sulfate fertilizer is a physiological acid fertilizer containing 21% ammonium nitrogen and 24.2% sulfur. It is also known as “Sugar Fertilizer” among farmers because it looks like crystal sugar with its external appearance. Granular ammonium sulphate contains 20.5% ammonium nitrogen and sulfur. Its external appearance is in granule structure. Since the nitrogen in their structure is in the form of ammonium, it does not disappear from the soil by washing and it is effective for a long time. The sulfur contained in the form of sulphate can fully meet the plants’ needs. Since it will acidify the environment when it dissolves in the soil, it increases the uptake of micro nutrients in calcareous-high pH soils.

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