Guaranteed Content (w/w)
Water soluble PHOSPHORUS PENTAOXIDE (P2O5) %39
Water soluble PHOSPHORUS PENTAOXIDE (P2O5) PHOSPHORUS PENTAOXIDE (P2O5) Soluble in Neutral Ammonium Citrate %42

It is used as a base fertilizer for all plants (cereals, corn, cotton, hazelnut, vineyard, banana, etc.) to meet the phosphorus need. By providing healthy root development, it increases the water and nutrient intake capacity under the ground. It provides a simultaneous and strong flowering. It accelerates plant growth and ensures more and higher quality product intake at harvest. It should be applied to the seed or root depth, with or before planting / planting. If it is applied too early, the phosphorus turns into a form that the plant cannot benefit from; if it is applied too late, it cannot be beneficial for the plant as it will remain on the soil.