Guaranteed Content (w/w)
Total NITROGEN (N) %20
Ammonia Nitrogen (N-NH4) %8
Urea Nitrogen (N-NH2) %12
Water soluble PHOSPHORUS PENTAOXIDE (P2O5) %17
Neutral Ammonium Citrate and Water soluble PHOSPHORUS PENTAOXIDE (P2O5) %20
Total ZINC (Zn) %1

It contains additionally 1% zinc along with nitrogen and phosphorus in its structure. Along with nitrogen and phosphorus, zinc plays an active role in growth. Plants become stunted in zinc deficiency. Zinc increases the blight of the plant in winter cold. It prevents fruit breakdown and increases its quality. When planting with a seeder, the seed or plant should be buried in the soil to the depth of the root. It is used in all plants, especially in field crops.