Ure 46

Urea fertilizer is white colored, odorless, easily soluble in water, 46 kg in 100 kg. It is a nitrogen-containing fertilizer

• Urea fertilizer is the fertilizer with the highest level of nitrogen among chemical fertilizers

• Its agricultural value is high

• It acts directly on the plants as a source of plant nutrients and ensures that qualified and abundant products are obtained

• It has less corrosive effect on agricultural tools. It is a cheaper fertilizer in terms of unit nitrogen

• Urea fertilizer can be applied successfully in irrigation water or by spraying as well as applied to the soil in various ways.

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Since urea fertilizer can dissolve very quickly in the soil, the nitrogen plants it contains
they benefit very quickly.
• It is effective in lengthening the plant.
• Increases the grain and fruit yield of the plant.
• It is effective in the root development of the plant.
• In nitrogen deficiency in plants, the growth of the plant regresses while the root development of the plant
It gets thin. In addition, yellowing occurs on the lower leaves of the plant. In constant nitrogen deficiencies, the leaves turn a brown color and die.
• Since urea fertilizer immediately uses the nitrogen in the plants,
The nitrogen requirement is not met continuously. In order to meet the nitrogen required for this
Other nitrate fertilizers should be used as fertilizer or top dressing.
For example; CAN 26 %N or AN 33 %N.

• Keep away from heat and fire sources.
• Stack the packed fertilizers in clumps. Row height when stacking
Grids, for a maximum of 15 bags, by cutting the contact of the bags with the ground.
Take care to use it and keep a distance of at least 1 meter between them.
• Store in dry and well ventilated warehouses.
• Do not smoke or use fire in the storage area.
• Keep the fertilizer away from direct sunlight to prevent physical deterioration by heat.
• Do not keep the fertilizer in a humid environment.
• Especially in regions where day and night temperatures are different and humidity is high, make sure that the doors of the places where fertilizers are stored are closed.
• Use gloves when manure is in contact with hands for a long time.
• Never stock ammonium nitrate fertilizers and other compound fertilizers in the same indoor environment.