Super NP 20-20-0

NP fertilizer is a type of fertilizer that contains two important plant nutrients such as Nitrogen and Phosphorus.

20 kg in 100 kg of this fertilizer. pure nitrogen, 20 kg. phosphorpentaoxide (P2O5) is available.

20.20.0 compound fertilizer, whose nitrogen source is Ammonium Sulphate, also contains Sulfur from Ammonium Sulphate. Therefore, we can meet the sulfur need of the plants with this fertilizer.

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• It is used as a base fertilizer during the planting of many plants, especially in the use of cotton and cereals.
• When using fertilizers, the amount to be given should be adjusted according to the Phosphorus requirement of the plant. If it is not given in sufficient amount, root development in the plant will be weak, maturation will be delayed and yield will decrease.
• It can be used with the seed before or during sowing when it has a high water solubility feature.

• Keep away from heat and fire sources.
• Stack the packed fertilizers in clumps. When stacking, make sure that the row height is at most 15 sacks, use grids that will prevent the contact of the sacks with the ground and leave at least 1 meter distance between them.
• Store in dry and well ventilated warehouses.
• Do not smoke or use fire in the storage area.
• Keep the fertilizer away from direct sunlight in order to prevent physical deterioration due to heat.
• Do not keep the fertilizer in humid environments.
• Make sure that the doors of the places where fertilizers are stored are closed, especially in regions with different day and night temperatures and high humidity.
• Use gloves when manure is in contact with hands for a long time.
• Never stock up in the same closed area with urea fertilizer.