DAP 18-46-0

Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) is a COMPOSED fertilizer that contains two important plant nutrients such as Phosphorus and Nitrogen together.

There is 46 kg Phosphorpentaoxide (P2O5) for 18 kg Nitrogen in 100 kg. For this reason, it is mostly used as a Phosphorous fertilizer.

Since more than 90% of the Phosphorus it contains can dissolve in water, plants can immediately benefit from the Phosphorus and Nitrogen it contains, when the necessary moisture is found right after being introduced to the soil.

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• It enables plants to reach maturity early.
• It ensures the full development of the fertilization organs of the plants.
• Provides root development of plants.
• It increases the metabolic efficiency of plants.
• In case of phosphorus deficiency, the growth of the plant regresses and the plant shows a dark green color.
• In some plants, a purple and bronze color appears on the leaves in the deficiency of Phosphorus.
• Plants take almost all of the Phosphorus in the early stages of their development and accumulate it in their various organs. At the end of the development, the eastern Phosphorus is transferred to the seed or fruit and accumulated there.
• After the application of Dap to the plant in need of Phosphorus, the missing nitrogen requirement of the plant should be completed with other fertilizers. For example, CAN 26% or AN 33%.

• Keep away from heat and fire sources.
• Stack the packed fertilizers in clumps. Row height when stacking
For a maximum of 15 sacks, they cut the contact of sacks with the ground and
Take care to use it and keep a distance of at least 1 meter between them.
• Store in dry and well ventilated warehouses.
• Do not smoke or use fire in the storage area.
• Keep the fertilizer away from direct sunlight to prevent physical deterioration by heat.
• Do not keep the fertilizer in a humid environment.
• Especially in regions where day and night temperatures are different and humidity is high, make sure that the doors of the places where fertilizers are stored are closed.
• Use gloves for long periods of use.
• Never stock up in the same closed area with urea fertilizer.